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Welcome to the Shadowcore Continued Wiki

The Shadowcore Continued is an MMORPG framework that's built using C++ and using a back-end of MySQL for the DB content. The project goal is not to replicate the entire game of World of Warcraft© but to emulate the server for educational purposes and the continuing development of programming skills and understanding of the complex nature of an MMORPG framework. The Shadowcore Continued Project is funded by donations.

If you would like to join our project, please click here to join.

Repack Differences
Free Repack Donator Repack
Player Limit 10 Player Max Unlimited
Ads Shadowcore Advert every 10 mins No
Server/Content Updates No Yes - Twice a Month
Support *Minimal Yes - Related to the product
  • Minimal Support will be to get your server up to a running state.

Services available to Donators

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Simple Database development